ATK SLR Release 125g

ATK SLR  Release 125g
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Lightness and increasing safety are mixed in a unprecedented synergy, offering maximum performance in a minimalist style.
An innovative heel part provides a 5 to 10 side release adjustment and a fixed vertical release (4, 6, 8, 10).

SLR RELEASE is available in 4 VERSIONS:
SLR Release 4, SLR Release 6, SLR Release 8, SLR Release 10.

The accessories: Kevlar Core LeashSRA Crampons Slot  and R01 Adjustment Plate are included in the binding.



• Easy Entry System: new toe geometry that optimizes the boot step-in, which results extremely reactive and powerful.
• Monolink Technology 1.0: one of the toe arms does not present springs, and provides an higher clamping stifness in addition to a lower weight.
• New Lever Design: the new front lever design provides a more comfortable activation of the same, adding a seat for the pole tip stabilization during the front release. The lever now presents a wider leash hooking hollow for a simplier insertion of the same.
• The Heel Flap with raiser provides 3 walking modes: FLAT MODE, + 37 mm and + 50 mm.
• The side release ( Mz ) can be adjusted in between values 5 and 10, thanks to the red screw placed on the top of the heel.
• The Vertical release (My) is provided by the “U” shaped heel spring. The binding is offered in 4 versions with four different My release values: 4, 6, 8, 10.

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