ATK Freeraider 14 2.0 395g

ATK Freeraider 14 2.0 395g
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The ultimate freeride binding for the greatest feelings that fresh snow skiing can give. Power and extreme precision combined to lightness make it the ideal ally to face every possible condition of snow and go beyond its own limits.

The included ski-brake is available in different sizes (97, 102, 108, 120 mm) to provide the perfect fit with any ski model. The new brake caps are wider, co-molded and made of Charged Nylon in order to improve the braking efficiency.

The Freeride Spacer (AL07) is included: a micro-adjustable in thickness spacer developed to optimize the transmission of impulses coming from the boot deleting the empty space between the sole of the boot and the top-sheet of the ski, as well as to directly transfer to the ski the vertical jumps loads without excessively stressing the boot structure.
The spacer is equipped with an elastic slide in contact with the boot that, if properly calibrated, does not modify in any way the values of the lateral release of the binding.


• Easy Entry System: new toe geometry that optimizes the boot step-in, which results extremely reactive and powerful.
• The lever presents a plastic protection which prevents wear and tear of the alu-lever!
• Integrated crampons slot that fits with any ATK® original crampon.
• The MAGNETO® HEEL FLAPS SYSTEM provides 5 walking modes: FLAT MODE, +38 mm, +41 mm, +48 mm, +58 mm.
• CAM RELEASE SYSTEM: stabilizes the heel pins and provides the tipical torsional stiffness of the ATK® bindings.
• The ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM® absorbes the ski compressions, reducing the pressure on the skiing system and keeping the correct ski radius at any condition.
• The heel part provides a 8-14 ajustment range both for the Vertical Release System (My) and the Lateral Release System (Mz).
• The heel plate provides 30 mm of fast adjustment.

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